Going Beyond Data Interoperability to Workflow Interoperability

Data Interoperability

Data interoperability, or data integration, exchanges data between databases using APIs and data interfaces.


Workflow Interoperability

Workflow interoperability, or EHR workflow integration, embeds external, third-party solutions into automated EHR workflow.

Clinical Technology Ecosystem Summary

Ecosystem Solutions

Clinical Technology Ecosystem Summary

  • Enables users to record care and billing decisions
  • System of record for clinical and financial decisions

Ecosystem Solutions

  • Integrates and automates extremal solutions with EHRs
  • Recommendations are accessible and actionable
  • New decisions in one click automatically written to EHRs
  • Improves revenue, quality, care team and patient experiences

Clinical Technology Ecosystem Summary

  • Identities potential clinical and financial improvements
  • Solutions have unique user interfaces and databases

Ecosystem Solutions

  • Analytics used by providers, health plans and life science
  • Analytics data to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Incorporates best practices and industry requirements

Clinical Technology Ecosystem Summary

  • Stores clinical data for the ecosystem
  • Database for EHRs, Data Science, analytic, etc.

Ecosystem Solutions

  • APIs and Data Interfaces transfer data between databases
  • Exchange data more efficiently shared
  • Lowers cost of extracting and sharing data

Why does making this distinction matter?

Because data is just data unless it can be accessed and used by the clinicians and staff it was meant to support.

Passing data between analytics solutions or systems and EHRs is essential, but it’s not enough. Data-driven recommendations from healthcare analytics companies can help clinicians improve patient care, but only if they can see the important data at the point of care so they can make the best decisions.

Data overload

EHRs now contain countless data points coming from thousands of external, third-party solutions, making it nearly impossible for physicians to sort through it while with a patient. To do so, they have to log into individual external apps to access data or more often, don’t even try.


of clinicians say accessing patient-specific insights from tools external to their EHR is challenging.


of clinicians believe they overlook accessing and using patient-specific insights from tools external to their EHR.

When asked why

43% say

“It’s too time-consuming”

39% say

“It’s not intuitive”

37% say

“It’s not always valuable/relevant”

31% say

“they forget”

Decision support is there, but it’s so buried in the EHR chaos, physicians simply aren’t able to find and use it to drive better clinical outcomes and financial results.

2023 Research conducted by Wakefield Research for Insiteflow

EHR Workflow Integration to Fuel Decisions

Insiteflow surfaces essential recommendations in the EHR workflow so clinicians and care teams see the data they need to finalize their decisions—quickly, at the point of care.



No navigating outside of the EHR
No logging into different applications
Fewer manual tasks


Financial Success

Fewer coding errors
Faster reimbursements
Greater ROI


Quality Care

No missed recommendations
Fewer care gaps
Better continuum of care

Only Insiteflow:

  • Deploys automated EHR workflow optimizing user adoption, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Delivers unique user experiences and automation through proprietary, patent-pending technology
  • Writes decisions of clinicians and staff into EHR databases, driving greater usage, ROI and transformation

How EHR Workflow Integration Works

Clinicians have access to external, third-party solutions in their EHR workflow with zero or one-click single sign-on (SSO), able to fully interact with these solutions within Insiteflow’s embedded browser.

When a clinician selects a diagnosis, documentation or treatment, Insiteflow’s EHR Decision Workflow automatically writes their decision into the appropriate section of their EHR with nudges.

With EHR workflow integration, the EHR transforms into a powerful, streamlined resource.