EHR Decision Workflow that Improves ROI

Insiteflow makes external, third-party solutions accessible, actionable and automated within EHR workflow, empowering clinicians and staff to drive improvements at key decision points.

Differentiated EHR Decision Workflow


Displays third-party solutions with zero clicks in the EHR


Seamlessly facilitates Single Sign-On into third-party solutions


Writes decisions made by end users in third-party solutions into EHRs


Integrates third-party solutions into multiple EHRs, both cloud-based and on-premise


Optimizes third-party solutions. We do not compete with you or commercialize your customer base


Improves user experience, adoption and ROI


Accelerates implementation and keeps your intellectual property protected


Providers have zero bandwidth and don’t have time to add websites and steps into their workflow. Insiteflow puts your application directly in their EHR workflow to drive clinical and financial improvements.

- Senior Product Manager of population health analytics solution


Improves Adoption

Our EHR decision workflow platform removes the frustration of toggling out of the EHR to log into a website or scrolling through EHR drop-down menus.

Proactively Displays Your Recommendations

Our platform writes end-user decisions into the EHR, synchronizing the context and content between third-party solutions and EHRs to achieve the full value and ROI from data-driven recommendations.

Increases ROI by Automating the Implementation of Decisions

Our solution writes end-user decisions back into the EHR workflow and your database, maximizing the full value of your solution.

Drives Reach and Scale

Our technology and APIs integrate with multiple EHRs to expand the reach and scale of third-party solutions for all end users, including clinicians and staff across the continuum of care settings.

“Insiteflow puts what I need in front of me in the EHR to help improve treatment of my patients because I don’t have time to go find the insights I need through more EHR clicks or external web applications”

- Provider at a primary care organization

Transformation for All Stakeholders

Insiteflow makes data-driven recommendations from external third-party solutions accessible, actionable and automated in EHR workflows.

Proactively display your solution and get your data-driven recommendations implemented in EHR workflows to improve end-user experiences, adoption and customer ROI.


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