ehr integration services

Optimizing Healthcare with EHR Integration Services

In the digital age of healthcare, electronic health records (EHRs) have revolutionized how patient data is managed and accessed. Yet the true power of EHRs can only be unlocked when they can be seamlessly integrated with the external applications that improve patient care and the accurate coding and documentation for appropriate reimbursement.  Without robust integration,…

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Supporting Healthcare: Integrating Apps

Supporting Healthcare: Integrating Apps for EHR Interoperability

Despite investing tens of billions of dollars in technology, healthcare providers struggle to improve service delivery and patient outcomes. If anything, most providers continually provide subpar clinical experience because the technology proves a hindrance.  On average, healthcare providers use half a dozen or more healthcare solutions, but they overlook the holy grail of modern medicine—effectively…

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cerner's interoperability

Cerner’s Interoperability Challenges and the Workflow Solution

Electronic health records (EHR) have become essential to medical care today. These records contain an individual’s medical history. They include clinical and administrative information such as addresses, allergies, and medications, and the digitized data allows healthcare providers to share patient information securely for improved patient care.  Cerner’s Millennium system is an EHR solution that works…

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ehr interoperability solutions

3 Capabilities of EHR Interoperability Solutions for More Effective Healthcare

When President George W. Bush drafted his 10-year healthcare information technology plan in 2004, he saw computerizing health records as a way to eliminate medical errors, reduce costs, and improve patient care. He envisioned a system where patients did not have to list medications or allergies each time they visited a physician.  The goal was…

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Quick Introduction to Effectively Integrating an App with Cerner

A Quick Introduction to Effectively Integrating an App with Cerner

McKinsey predicts the healthcare software technology market will grow through 2027, especially in patient engagement and clinical decision-making solutions. EHR companies will focus on improving the patient and clinician experience. Cerner, with a US market share of over 20%, will be one provider looking to improve its market share through in-house and third-party applications. However,…

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API Integration Solution

Considerations for Choosing an EHR API Integration Solution

In the medical industry, timely and immediate access to accurate patient information and data-driven insights is crucial for the best treatment outcomes and patient experience. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and EHR API integrations play a pivotal role in achieving this goal by integrating various aspects of patient data into a centralized digital platform accessible…

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epic interoperability

Epic Interoperability: Why It’s Dragging You Down and How to Fix It

If you’re struggling to achieve the desired Epic interoperability you need for productive processes that don’t add stress to a complex system, you are not alone. Many companies have encountered roadblocks like poor test environments and limited interface options. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on development, businesses have been frustrated as they’ve attempted…

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Power of Workflow Interoperability

Beyond Data Sharing: The Power of Workflow Interoperability

In acknowledging the strides made in patient management with improved data interoperability in health record systems, it is imperative to confront the inherent limitations that accompany this approach. While data exchange forms a foundation, it alone falls short in addressing the complex landscape of healthcare, where clinicians are leaving in alarming numbers due to critical…

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Quick Guide to EHR Integration for Health Apps

A Quick Guide to EHR Integration for Health Apps

There are hundreds of apps available for EHRs in public-facing marketplaces, distributed across focus areas from administration to patient care to provider support. But while they are relatively easy to access through marketplaces, they are often hard to access within the context of using EHRs and performing work tasks. This does not include the thousands…

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Understanding Options for How to Integrate with Epic EHR

Understanding Options for How to Integrate with Epic EHR

Everywhere you look across the business world, there’s investment in more effective business process management, including automation. With an anticipated CAGR of 11.83% through 2028, this number will nearly double this year’s market, reaching $23.4 billion within that five-year timespan.  However, the expansion and urgency happening in this area hasn’t fully taken root in patient-facing…

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