The Insiteflow platform empowers better outcomes by creating more insightful encounters through EHR integrated clinical decision support (CDS) applications that combine insights from data driven recommendations with automated workflow at the point of care and other key decision points. Insiteflow empowers clinicians and administrators to make more insightful decisions by improving:

Prioritization: Improves existing programs including gaps in care, coding and documentation
Relevancy: Displays patient’s specific insights for multiple use case (revenue, quality, cost)
Accessibility: Embeds actionable, data driven insights at the point of care
Productivity: Automates workflow to implement data driven insights for multiple use cases
Engagement: Increases time with patients, patient and clinician satisfaction and retention
Accountability: Tracks EHR embedded insights and workflow usage, identifies improvements
ROI: Enhances population health, individual care, cost reduction, and clinician satisfaction