Current workflows and after hours work are intensifying physician burnout. Valuable data driven insights and recommendations are locked away behind a variety of separate applications with their own interface or portal and login. This includes insights to improve clinical outcomes and financial results from analytics, guidelines, best practices and protocols that are home grown or from third party vendors, health plans, pharmaceutical and consulting firms.

Based on the latest data from the American Medical Association 90% of physicians are using electronic health records and spending 1 to 2 hours each night, after they have finished seeing patients, entering data into EHRs. This means they have no time to access any clinical decision support, analytics, guidelines, best practices and dashboards that are not integrated into EHRs. An industry wide study found only 5% of physicians log into these separate applications, as a result you can only realize about 5% of opportunities to improve clinical and financial results. The value of the remaining 95% is lost. EHR integrated CDS combining recommendations with automated workflow is critical to reducing physician burnout while improving clinical and financial results.